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How to Use a Hand Exercise Ball

Hand Exercise Ball

A hand exercise ball is a versatile tool that one can use for various purposes. It can improve hand strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. You can also use it to improve your grip, hand-eye coordination, and posture. By using the…

Weight loss after pregnancy

weight loss after pregnancy

Expectant mothers are happy about every centimeter that their tummy is getting rounder and rounder during pregnancy. The child is born, the stomach is viewed more critically, and for many, the topic of losing weight after pregnancy is essential. If he was…

Functional training

Functional training

Everyone, please pitch in! Functional training addresses individual muscles and promotes interaction, optimizes movement sequences, and strengthens entire muscle groups. Competitive athletes rely on this method to get through the season injury-free and in top shape. However, everyone can benefit from the…

Yoga at home

Yoga at home

Yoga helps to reduce stress and awaken new energies. Simply having time for yourself after a stressful day at work and doing something good is trendy. Yoga exercises such as the warrior or the triangle can strengthen body, soul, and…

Fitness test

Fitness test

Fitness tests have amazed many athletes. You ride your bike almost every day or run away from everyone when you jog doesn’t mean you’re the best performer on a fitness test. Many endurance athletes lack strength and mobility. Strength athletes, who consider…

Calorie Calculator Needs

calorie calculator needs

Now you can quickly determine your calorie requirement. If you consume that amount of calories, you’ll easily maintain your body weight. The calorie calculator works very simply. Just fill in the mask, and you will immediately get two results: The…

Five simple methods against inner turmoil

inner turmoil

In our interconnected world, headlines, notifications and information bombard us every second – for many people, this triggers inner turmoil and tension, especially when it comes to bad news. We’ll show you five methods to help you switch off. If…