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Fitness Tips to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Fitness Tips

Travelling abroad can be a life-changing experience. The sights, noises, and a brand new environment can stimulate us in ways we’ve never imagined. However, with any significant change, there’s a bit of anxiety. The best way to reduce stress and…

What Shape Should a Tremaill Belt Be?

Tremaill Belt

The treadmill belt is the part that allows you to run or walk on it. When the machine is turned on, this part moves. After you’ve purchased a treadmill, you need to maintain it the same way as other machines.…

How to do a Barbell High-Row Row

barbell high row

Although the high barbell row is a back exercise, it can be used by all muscles. The pulling movement is enabled by the powers of the upper and middle back as the biceps. The core, glutes, and erector spinae must…

Vision Fitness T8500 Treadmill

vision fitness t8500 treadmill price

The Vision Fitness T8500 treadmill has been a popular choice in the exercise equipment market. There are many reasons it is so popular. It is cheaper than most treadmills on the market today. The control panel provides two options rather…

Is it safe to run barefoot on a treadmill?

running barefoot on treadmill

The trend for barefoot treadmill running is gaining popularity all over the globe. While you may have been running outdoors, you’ve likely considered running barefoot on a treadmill. You can have a safe and enjoyable barefoot run with a few…