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bala bangles

Bala Bangles: The Trend Weights Make Every Workout Highly Efficient

Make the workout more intense in no time? No problem thanks to Bala Bangles! Conventional weight cuffs often seem a bit dusty and look anything but cool. Bala Bangles want to change that and have been taking the fitness market by storm for a few years. We’ll tell you here where you can buy the pretty training weights, what exactly is behind them and what advantages the small gadgets bring with them. Plus: the best alternatives at a glance.

Bala Bangles 2 Lb

The Bala Bangles are made of recycled steel and an elegant silicone sleeve and come in different colors from black and white to gray and pink to blue and green.

bala bangles 2 lb

Package Weight:


0.93 Kilograms

‎Blush Pink


‎Stainless Steel, Silicone

With less than half a kilo each, the light Bala Weights in Blush can be easily integrated into the workout. Plus point: The soft shade of pink makes the weights an absolute eye-catcher in the home gym!

If you’re looking for something less opulent and subtle, then you can choose the classic the black . The product is available in the lighter and heavier version. This is available in both the lighter and the heavier version. The gray version is timelessly elegant and, thanks to the neutral color scheme, can be perfectly combined with any sports outfit.

Bala Bangles 2 lb are suitable for all adults. Beginners who don’t (yet) dare to lift heavy weights and fitness fans who want to make their workout a little more efficient from time to time in an uncomplicated way get their money’s worth. However, if you have never exercised or only exercised a little before, you should not underestimate the extra weight and instead, start cautiously with the lightest variant.

Small but mighty: The advantages of the Bala Weights at a glance

What are the disadvantages of Bala bangles?

The Bala Weights don’t have any disadvantages – apart from the price. After all, the exciting devices cost a little more than conventional weight cuffs. Sports fans pay for the function and the design – and that has its price. Another thing that advanced fitness users might complain about is the fact that the ankle and wrist weights only come in two weight classes. If you are looking for ankle weights with more than 1 lb, you will not find anything at Bala until now.

How did the Bala Bangles conquer the fitness market?

Bala was founded in Los Angeles in 2018. Husband and wife team Natalie Holloway and Max Kislevitz wanted to modernize ankle weights, which had last been hip in the ’80s, and combine functionality with design. The business idea born on a napkin – on which the two drew the first product sketches – developed into a fast-growing fitness and lifestyle company. A TV appearance on “Shark Tank” (the US version of “The Lion’s Den”) in 2020 helped the start-up to succeed because, after the show, there was a real hype about the stylish Bala Bangles. In the meantime, Bala produces not only the so-called bangles, i.e., weight cuffs for wrists and ankles but also dumbbells, weight rods, circles, sports mats, and fitness blocks.

Arm circles with Bala Bangles

Arm circles, known from the Pilates course, can be more intensive with Bala Bangles. Here’s how it works: Stand upright with your arms stretched out to the side parallel to the floor and move your arms in small circles – first in one direction, then in the other. If you want (and are not training with it for the first time), you can gradually increase the size of the circles. For starters, 15 repetitions in each direction are enough.

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