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inner turmoil

Five simple methods against inner turmoil

In our interconnected world, headlines, notifications and information bombard us every second – for many people, this triggers inner turmoil and tension, especially when it comes to bad news. We’ll show you five methods to help you switch off.

If the body is tense, the brain sends feelings such as restlessness or negative thoughts, entering the nervous system as impulses via the spinal cord.
Symptoms such as lack of concentration, increased heartbeat, sweaty hands or stomachache are the consequences.

From an evolutionary point of view, these reactions were essential for survival since you are put on high alert in situations of fear and stress. Nowadays, however, they trigger permanent inner unrest, from which many sufferers suffer.
There are some simple ways to deal with nervousness and relieve it short and long term.

Mental relaxation through affirmations

If negative thoughts and anxiety plague you or if you have the feeling that you are just chasing and not achieving anything, nervous and emotional states can arise. It is essential to let your mind rest and redirect your thoughts to increase your well-being. If you feel stressed and nervous in the face of concrete challenges, a reality check can help.

With questions like “Do I really have to do this task today?” or “What is the worst thing that can happen as a result?” At first, the seemingly impossible circumstances can be taken into perspective and don’t seem so terrifying.  Another means of rescuing yourself from a nervous state is to encourage yourself.

Bring positive feelings to life

Just as negative thoughts arise, you can also influence positive thoughts and feelings. When you feel nervous or anxious, it can help to remember special moments or situations where you felt strong and good.
Various methods can help you with this:

Focusing on positive thoughts and memories relieves tension and distracts you from anxiety and stress.

Physical relaxation with yoga and breathing exercises

Physical relaxation is just as crucial as mental relaxation. Sometimes just a short walk can help ease the tension. If you suffer from chronic nervousness, you should try one of the following workouts:

These methods can help you relax in the long term and better control new waves of nervousness.

Plant helpers

Medicinal plants can also help to promote your mental calm. These relieve your symptoms and help you, for example, to fall asleep.
In addition to medicinal herbs such as valerian, lavender or chamomile, CBD can also help. Brazilian researchers have found that CBD can help against insomnia. CBD is obtained from the hemp plant but is free of THC and therefore legal and has no intoxicating effect. You can take it in the form of drops, for example.

Attention: By taking medicinal plants, you only relieve your symptoms for a short time. They usually cannot eliminate the causes of your tension.

Treat yourself

Work, household, world affairs – many factors can make you feel nervous. It is all the more important not to forget yourself and spoil yourself from time to time. Think about how you can make yourself happy and take the time for yourself. These could be small gifts to yourself:

Think about what makes you happy and treat yourself, even if it’s just five minutes a day. As a result, you can look forward to your me-time when you’re feeling tense and restless.

Chronic nervousness: Check with your doctor

If you find it increasingly difficult or take longer and longer to relax, you should clarify the causes with your family doctor. Sometimes nervousness can also have physical causes and, for example, be related to the thyroid gland. It would be best never to underestimate long-term anxiety to avoid depression and burnout.

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