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barbell high row

How to do a Barbell High-Row Row

Although the high barbell row is a back exercise, it can be used by all muscles. The pulling movement is enabled by the powers of the upper and middle back as the biceps. The core, glutes, and erector spinae must all work together to stabilize the body while performing the high barbell row.

Because the equipment is readily available in a gym, this exercise is best done in a group. However, what can also use in a home workout with a barbell or weight plates. If you can’t use a barbell, how can you use dumbbells? It is much easier to add weight with a barbell.


Barbell high rows are beneficial for bodybuilders, strength-training athletes, and everyone who wants to move more quickly and with more excellent stability throughout their day.

Step-By-Step Instructions

If you’re new to strength training or exercise, you should consult a healthcare provider. They will be able to tell you if there are any special adjustments that you should make. Your doctor should first give you clearance if you are sedentary, hurt, or returning to exercising after pregnancy.

You can prepare for the barbell high-row by standing with your feet hip-distance apart in front of a barbell. To get an idea of how the move works, you can start by moving without weight plates. Start with less weight than you think you will need, and increase weight as you become more comfortable with your form. Secure weight plates using a barbell collar.

  1. Bend your knees slightly forward and tilt your head to the side, pointing at the hips.
  2. To row, reach down and grab the barbell using an overhand grip. Your back should be straight and flat. The knees should be bent. Keep your gaze neutral (don’t look down, crane, or too high). Your hands should be about shoulder-width apart on the bar. Your shoulders should be a little higher than your hips in this position.
  3. Inhale, and pull the barbell towards your torso by engaging through the shoulder blades. The elbows will rise and move diagonally back. Your core remains strong. The bar touches your bottom at the lowest point.
  4. Slowly lower the bar until your arms are fully extended.

Common Mistakes

These are common mistakes that can be made when performing the barbell high-row. It may be helpful to have a friend or trainer watch you perform the exercise, as it can be challenging to see your alignment in the mirror.

Rounding the back

Curving through the spine and rounding the back are two of the most common mistakes in a barbell-high row. It is easy to turn your shoulders forward when lifting too much weight to gain leverage while pulling. It is a mistake.

Ensure that your back stays flat throughout the exercise. Also, ensure that your core remains engaged. If your back is not flat, reduce the weight and do it again.

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