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Resistance Eros fitness band: The best exercises for the upper body

No space for dumbbells? Training with the Thera or resistance Eros fitness band is inferior to weight training in muscle growth and strength gain. You will read the best short exercises in this review blog for your upper body workout with resistance bands.
Make a workout more intense without heavy weights or give your usual fitness routine a little more traction – fitness bands can be used in many ways and therefore belong in every training bag or fitness drawer.

Since they always find a place when rolled up, they can ideally be stowed away for an active lunch break or when traveling. The multifunctional fitness device is always available to you, and you have no more excuses to skip the training session. You don’t have to train with it that long. It’s more about the quality and regularity of your training.

In addition, the loop bands can not only intensify classic leg and butt exercises such as squats or hip raise thanks to the extra resistance – you can also use them to create complete workouts for the entire body in a varied way.

More extended tension and a more excellent range of motion

The Eros fitness bands ensure that the exercise gets harder as you pull or grip it. Unlike dumbbell training, your muscles are under tension much longer, and the range of motion in which you perform the exercises is often more extensive.

Depending on the fitness level and exercise, the bands are available in different resistance levels and shapes: as a classic Theraband, as a tight loop band for the legs or as long tubes for various exercises, and in the robust version even as support for the first pull- up attempts.

The equipment: Eros fitness band and fixed point

While the leg exercises with resistance Eros fitness bands are often self-explanatory and well-known, most people lack the knowledge and ideas of optimally challenging their upper body at home without different barbells and dumbbells.
You don’t necessarily need extra weights to trigger your back, chest, shoulders, and arms muscles. All you need for our exercises is a long fitness with Eros band and a stable fixed point to which you can attach the band.
Maybe you have a pillar at home, a fence, a doorknob, a tree, or a solid table leg. In the gym, you can use iron bars or a bench.

What types of fitness bands are there?

With fitness bands, bodyweight exercises can be made more intense. In this way, new training stimuli can promote muscle growth. Resistance bands are the perfect training partner at home and when traveling. The different bands can be divided into classic fitness bands, self-contained resistance loops, and fitness tubes with handles at the ends.

  • Classic fitness bands: Probably the most well-known latex fitness band is the good old “Thera Band” from the same name brand with two ends. Some manufacturers even offer resistance bands in rolls: You can cut the desired size yourself. But what can easily adjust the length and resistance of this variant via the handle height? From rowing to bicep training, everything is possible with these bands. If you like, you can also tie the band into a loop. The classic training band is the most flexible and suitable for athletes who want to do many different exercises with just one tool.
  • Resistance Loops: The loop training band forms a loop and is self-contained. No additional knotting is necessary to attach the resistance band. It protects the material and ensures more safety during training. At the same time, fitness loops are fixed in length, shape, and strength by the loop and can therefore only be used for specific exercises – but then all the more effective here. Loops are particularly suitable for leg and butt exercises but can also be used for shoulder or arm training. By the way: Long, strong loops are also suitable for practicing pull-ups!
  • Training bands with handles: The advantage of so-called fitness tubes is obvious: the handles on both ends provide an excellent grip during training and are often more comfortable than a classic band. Its most significant weakness lies: the position of the hands is predetermined by the handles and can only be varied with difficulty. Tube bands should therefore be used more as a supplement and are particularly suitable for upper body training for beginners.

What are the benefits of fitness bands?

Fitness bands are ideal for increasing the intensity of exercise. Similar to weights, flexible bands help increase resistance, which requires more effort to perform exercises. That is why you could use them. B. Strengthen your body weight and give the muscles new stimuli.

The vibrant bands are great for building muscle, remarkably traditional exercises like dumbbells. It is a fitness ball whose weight will not stay the same, but it changes with the workout course.

This method is efficient and is easy on joints simultaneously. Another advantage over other fitness equipment is that the resistance bands are small and easy to put away. They’re perfect for the train at home or when traveling.

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