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weight loss after pregnancy

Weight loss after pregnancy

Expectant mothers are happy about every centimeter that their tummy is getting rounder and rounder during pregnancy. The child is born, the stomach is viewed more critically, and for many, the topic of losing weight after pregnancy is essential. If he was tenderly stroked for months after the birth, he is only pinched dissatisfied in his rolls. In this guide, find out how to get rid of your postnatal baby bump after pregnancy. The following chapters reveal why extra pounds are simply part of it and how they disappear again.

Right to pounds after childbirth!

They come for nine months and need nine months until they disappear. We are talking about the pounds that settle quietly and secretly on the hips, buttocks, and stomach during pregnancy. Eating for two, less exercise, or cakes with other expectant mothers support the storage capacity of the fat deposits. Nature has thought of something that you have a little more on your ribs during pregnancy and that these cushions linger a little longer afterward. At the same time, tabloid headlines posit that modern and sexy women willowy in no time after having a baby. Your body can allow a living being to grow and thrive within you, giving birth. You have experienced first-hand what a hardship this means for a woman. So, as a new mom, when you look down at yourself unhappily, say to yourself: What you see there is the extra portion of energy that you need for the pregnancy and the birth. After that, you need patience because your body regulates many things. 

You are in the first six to eight weeks after the birth

Most of the excess kilograms will disappear by themselves, and losing weight after pregnancy will take care of itself. Everything that remains after that shouldn’t upset you. These are reserves that are important for breastfeeding. These few pounds usually fall off by themselves during the breastfeeding period. The postnatal baby bump should under no circumstances be made to disappear by eating less. As long as your baby feeds on your breast, dieting would be inappropriate. You are forced to lose weight after pregnancy despite breastfeeding not being healthy for the child. Your child has the right to enjoy all the nutrients it needs for healthy growth. If the body gets into an energy deficit, it automatically falls back on the fat reserves, and losing belly fat works almost automatically because that’s how diets work. However, these fat deposits are polluted by pollutants that the child would ingest with breast milk. Therefore, losing weight through a calorie deficit should not feature any nutritional plan for breastfeeding mothers. The mother’s calorie requirement is even increased during breastfeeding. So breastfeeding helps get rid of excess love handles – as long as you don’t get the energy from cream cake and pizza. 

Weight loss after pregnancy

Proper post-pregnancy diet for weight loss

In addition, to exercise, a healthy and balanced postpartum diet can help you accelerate the path to a flat stomach and lose excess belly fat quickly. However, a strict nutrition plan harbors dangers: If your primary goal is a slim body, exercise and nutrition can quickly become stress factors. First and foremost, your attention is focused on the new family member. Enjoy the hours and meals together with your loved ones. Cook and eat mindfully.

Here are our tips for foods to include in your post-pregnancy eating plan:

Weight loss after pregnancy through exercise

You’ve given birth to a child, and you’ve already completed the most challenging workout. After nine months of pregnancy and the exhausting act of childbirth, you should refrain from the very strenuous sport. In the first six to eight weeks after the birth, you should recover from the strenuous time and recharge your batteries. Yoga, light gymnastic exercises, and walks are ideal during this time. It would be best to be on the abdomen, and pelvic floor, as these areas have taken a beating during childbirth. Retraining courses are paid for by many health insurance companies and help bring the body back into its old form. A pelvic floor exercise that you can always do well in between after confinement is to tense the pelvic floor muscles – as if you have to hold back the urge to urinate. When the rest and breastfeeding period are over and you are fully operational again, it is essential to boost weight loss after pregnancy through sport and the proper diet.

Start with light sports units

If your pelvic floor is stable again, you can start with light sports units. However, do not stress yourself unnecessarily about having to attend additional fitness appointments. There are many ways to move together with your baby. Successfully losing weight after pregnancy also means walking a lot, taking the stairs, and, whenever possible, going for brisk walks with the stroller. If you bring exercise into your everyday life in this way, you will quickly reach an appropriate level of exercise and lose belly fat goes by itself. Some fitness studios and sports clubs offer courses for parent-child gymnastics. Take it easy and choose mild forms of exercise that don’t overload your pelvic floor. Swimmingaqua aerobicsPilates, and yoga are suitable sports for the post-regression period and promote fat burning on the postnatal baby bump.

Tip: It is best to exercise after you have breastfed because your breasts are less sensitive.

The following sports are unsuitable after birth: jogging, ball sports, aerobics, Zumba, and similar fitness courses, as well as strength exercises for the straight abdominal muscles. Any movement that causes pressure on the pelvic floor is discouraged.

Conclusion: With serenity to a feel-good weight

With the proper diet and sufficient exercise, you can lose weight after pregnancy and reach your ideal weight. If you stay calm, enjoy healthy food, take regular breaks, and finally work out again, your motivation will grow with every pound you lose and lose weight after pregnancy. Here is an overview of the essential points:

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