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Yoga at home

Yoga at home

Yoga helps to reduce stress and awaken new energies. Simply having time for yourself after a stressful day at work and doing something good is trendy. Yoga exercises such as the warrior or the triangle can strengthen body, soul, and spirit and suit a daily ritual. To not be dependent on a yoga class or the opening hours of the gym, we give you a few tips on the subject of yoga at home. We will tell you about the different types of yoga, which equipment is recommended for yoga at home, and which yoga exercises are ideal for beginners that you can also do at home.

What types of yoga are there?

Yoga not only brings balance to the body and mind but also to the soul. The millennia-old philosophical system from India combines all these areas, and yoga has developed various forms and traditions. With us in the West, physical yoga is trendy. Other yoga schools focus more on mental concentration and relaxation through meditation. Yoga is only becoming fashionable in the West in the 1970s. In the last 40 years, numerous new yoga styles have developed alongside the traditional forms of yoga. They all share one thing in common, they all reduce stress and increase mobility. 


The main focus here is on physical exercises. This type of yoga is trendy in the West.


This type is even more physical but uses classic figures. The movements are performed faster here than in hatha yoga. It would be best if you had a certain level of fitness for this, which is why it is less suitable for the inexperienced. This style also includes power yoga.


This sweat yoga takes place in a room with 35 to 40 degrees. The heat makes muscles and tendons supple, and the body is said to detoxify when you sweat.


This type of yoga is a very spiritual form. She combines stretching and breathing exercises with meditation and singing.

yoga at home

Yoga at home with virtual classes

Due to the many different types, there is a yoga variant for everyone interested. Sporty types can work out with Ashtanga yoga. Those who focus on relaxation are in good hands with Kundalini yoga. Depending on the school, the focus is more on the physical or harmony of mind and spirit. Yoga is suitable for both young and older people. If you have a lot of stress at work, you can switch off with yoga. If you have physical problems, you can get in tune with yourself again. Except for sweat yoga, one can also practice all of these forms of yoga very quickly at home. It can be done, for example, with a DVD on the televisionvideos from the Internet, or apps that are suitable for a yoga class in the living room. Since some health insurance companies cover the costs for one course per year as a preventive measure, such a course is worthwhile as a start – it is best to find out more about this from your health insurance company.

What yoga equipment do I need?

You don’t need much to practice yoga at home: In addition to comfortable clothing such as yoga pants, legwarmers, and sweat jackets, you need a yoga mat and a yoga pillow. The unique mats are non-slip, soft, and insulate well. They are easy to store and easy to carry. A yoga cushion is ideal for meditating. In the correct sitting position on the cushion, the blood circulation in the legs is improved, the muscles do not cramp, the intervertebral discs and the spine are relieved, and the joints are spared.

Pros and cons of practicing yoga at home



The ideal yoga place at home

Even in the smallest apartment, you can find a place for yoga exercises since the yoga training does not take up many square meters. Find a favorite corner. You must have enough room to move in all directions and enjoy being there. If you live in the city, look for a room with as little street noise as possible. A window seat is ideal because natural light is the best place to train. Good ventilation is also essential. Of course, a view of nature is perfect – for example, in the conservatory or at the balcony door. Perhaps there is also an outdoor summer spot that you can set up on the roof terrace or garden?
Get rid of anything that might interfere with your yoga practice. Cover electrical equipment and separate your yoga corner with a curtain. If you don’t have natural light or you can only practice in the evening, put up lovely lamps or candles that create a warm atmosphere. Decorate your yoga space with things you like to have around you. Good smells also create a positive mood.

Beginner yoga exercises at home

The Triangle: The triangle strengthens the legs, buttocks, and back and ensures harmony and grounding. Standing upright, breathing in, straddle your legs, and turn your right foot outwards. Raise your right arm to your side at shoulder height, stretch out and calm down. Lay the back of your left hand sideways on your lower back. Then exhale while bending your upper body to the right. Put your right hand on the right side of your knee. Then turn your head to the left and look up over your shoulder. Then tilt your upper body further to the right and stretch your left arm vertically upwards. Look up. Hold the exercise for 15 seconds, then repeat the same on the other side.

The Warrior: The Warrior strengthens your body and strengthens your stamina. It provides spiritual strength, firmness, and courage. For the Warrior, stand again with your legs apart, and your arms stretched out to your sides at shoulder height, your wrists roughly above your feet. Turn your left foot outward. Then bend your left leg and press your right foot into the floor, keeping the outside of your foot on the floor. Keep your left knee level with your heel. Straighten your back and tense your entire body. Hold the exercise for 15 seconds, then switch sides.

Yoga oasis in your own home

Yoga is ideal for practicing at home. Here you will find the peace and relaxation to harmonize body, soul, and spirit. At home, you are independent of opening and course times. Create your yoga oasis at home and set up a cozy corner in your apartment. All you need as essential equipment for yoga is a yoga mat, a yoga pillow, and comfortable clothing. If you have a lovely terrace, a balcony with a nice view, or even a garden, feel free to use it as a summer yoga spot.

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